Des Plaines Park District

Iroquois Pool

Iroquois Pool is located at 2324 Maple Street, at Touhy Avenue, adjacent to Iroquois Community School.
Map and directions.

Iroquois Pool opens at noon on June 1st.

This popular neighborhood pool is a great place to cool off on a hot summer day. The deep end is equipped with a diving board.

Pool Rules and General Information

2019 General Admission: $5.
Children under 2 years old: Free.

2019 Regular Season: June 1–August 11
Monday–Friday: noon–5p and 7p–9p
Saturday & Sunday: noon–7p

2019 Special Hours and Events
July 4, 2019: noon–7:00p
Saturday, July 13: The annual Cardboard Boat Regatta, 10:00a–noon.
Open to all brave sailors ages 5 and older.Read all about the Cardboard Boat Regatta…


What is the future of Iroquois Pool?

We plan to open Iroquois Pool in 2019. And in 2020 as well. While Iroquois is nearly 50 years old, and is well past the natural life of a pool built in that era, our outstanding mechanical wizards have kept it operating safely and economically. Will that always be possible? No. Outdoor pools don’t last forever, and maintaining them eventually becomes impractical. Upgrading, or demolishing and rebuilding a pool on this site is not possible for some simple reasons: there is not enough land to upgrade or build within the current safety and land management codes. We could not meet the mechanical, ADA, and storm water detention requirements. We’re researching options for building some type of water activity area on the south end of Des Plaines, and expect to be gathering community input in 2019.