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Des Plaines Youth Futsal Leagues • Ages 6–12 • Grades 1–6
Welcome to the highly anticipated Indoor Soccer League at the Des Plaines Park District! We invite all soccer enthusiasts to join us in this exciting league, designed to promote team training and individual skill development, ultimately preparing players for our upcoming Spring House or Travel Soccer Leagues.

Futsal, a variant of indoor soccer, offers a fast-paced and dynamic playing experience, emphasizing close ball control, quick decision-making, and precise passing. Our league provides an excellent opportunity for players of all skill levels and grades to enhance their soccer abilities and elevate their game to new heights.

One of the standout advantages of the Futsal Indoor Soccer League is the opportunity for different teams to train together. By participating in shared training sessions, players gain valuable experience working with teammates from various backgrounds and skill sets. This collaborative training environment fosters teamwork, enhances communication, and builds on-field chemistry. The ability to adapt and synchronize with different players improves overall game awareness and enhances players’ ability to contribute effectively in competitive scenarios.

Practices are once a week at a D62 school gym between 6:00–8:00p, and games are on Friday nights. Game times vary.

This is an 8-week program that feeds into the Des Plaines Park District Spring Soccer League.

8 Week Season
8 weeks of regular games.
Trained Instructors
Games are played in the Prairie Lakes Gym, from 6:00–9:00p • Game times vary

1st–6th Grade Boys
R/NR: $90
Register online #349011-1

1st–6th Grade Girls
R/NR: $90
Register online #349011-2

Games are played in the Prairie Lakes Gym.
Map and directions to Prairie Lakes Community Center


Futsal League at the Des Plaines Park District

Futsal is played around the world!

Administrative & Leisure Center2222 Birch Street • 847-391-5700

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Lake Park Golf Course & Marina1015 Howard Avenue • 847-391-5730

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Prairie Lakes Community Center515 E. Thacker Street • 847-391-5711