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Warriors Swim Team

Des Plaines Park District
Warriors Swim Team

For everyone ages 6–18

On your mark… Get set… Take your place on the Conference-Winning Warriors Swim Team!
NISC 2022 B Division Champions • NISC 2019 C Division Champions • NISC 2018 D Division Champions

We welcome both competitive and recreational swimmers who love the sport—and love being good at it too! Our program emphasizes learning competition skills, enjoying the sport, and promoting a lifelong participation in swimming. We practice in the 8-lane, 25-yard competitive pool at the beautiful new Prairie Lakes Aquatic Center. Questions about the program? Contact Aquatic Manager or Head Coach Brian Johnson
The Aquatic Center direct line is 847-390-4949.

For more information about the Swim Team, including Coaches, Practice and Meet Schedules, Team Records, Photos, and more, visit Des Plaines Warriors Swim Team.

Warriors Swim Team
Ages 5–18
This semi-competitive swimming program puts emphasis on learning competition skills, enjoying the sport, and promoting a lifelong participation in swimming. Our team allows for those with little or no team experience to learn the strokes of competitive swimming. The program builds skill and endurance during daily practice sessions held at Chippewa Pool and Prairie Lakes Aquatic Center. The Des Plaines Warriors are ONE team organized into THREE Practice Groups:

Practice times will vary for each age group

  • Yellow Group (Age 8 & Under)
    • NIWSC Age-Up date 12/1/2022
    • Comfortable & Independent in deep water
    • Swim Freestyle & Backstroke >25yds
    • Recommended: Know the basics of Breaststroke and Butterfly strokes
    • 1 hour practices 2 days a week; practice schedule will be provided prior to start of season.
  • Green Group (Intermediate/Ages 9–12)
    • Swim Freestyle & Backstroke >50 yards
    • Basics of Breaststroke and Butterfly
    • Basics of diving & flip turns
    • Recommended: pass level 6 in swim lessons
    • 1.75 hour practices 2 days a week; practice schedule will be provided prior to start of season.
  • Blue Group (Advanced/Ages 9–18)
    • Swim >50 yards of Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly
    • Basics of Diving and Flip Turns
    • Recommended: Past swim team experience.
    • 1.5 hour practices 3 days a week; practice schedule will be provided prior to start of season.

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NISC Division B Championship Meet Results
Congratulations to the 1st Place (and undefeated) Des Plaines Warriors! I could easily tell you over 100 individual stories from Wednesday’s meet; it was like living in a storybook. I’m so grateful for all the family members who planned their day around our meet, volunteered as lane timers, helped their swimmers get to their events, waited through the rain delay, tolerated my occasional bossy tone, and overall stayed incredibly positive throughout the meet. But most of all, I want to congratulate the swimmers on their notable performances! Our kids were wowing the coaches, families, and swimmers from the other teams all day long! Whether this was your first summer championship meet with us or your 8th, you all stepped up and delivered! We honestly expected to stay in Division B for a few years, but clearly you all had other plans… Well done!

7.27.2022 Meet Results:
Scores: Combined:
1. Des Plaines – 1640
2. Mount Prospect – 1476
3. Antioch – 978
4. Vernon Hills – 795
5. Libertyville – 553

1. Des Plaines – 863
2. Mount Prospect – 733
3. Antioch – 525
4. Vernon Hills – 400
5. Libertyville – 217

1. Des Plaines – 777
2. Mount Prospect – 743
3. Antioch – 453
4. Vernon Hills – 395
5. Libertyville – 336

Personal Records:
Overall as a team, we had 50 Personal Records, earned by 41 swimmers (not including Relays):
2 PRs: Adam A, Will H, Grady H, Wesley H, Kaya K, Valeryia K, Nicholas M, Amanda O, Riley O, Lawson W

1 PR: Adrian A, Elliot B, Mamata B, Sadie B, Lauren C, Avery C, Matei C, Tyson E, Dante F, Aubree G, Tony G, Noelle G, Lauren G, Brandon J, Lia K, George K, Matthew K, Kaya L, Joike M, Szymon N, Sam P, Rosie P, Amelia P, Kaya P, Soumya R, Shams R, Katie S, Izzy S, Nathan T, Peter Y

The Top 8 Overall Scorers of the meet were all Warriors!:
Lauren C – 48 points
Adam A – 45 points
Szymon N – 45 points
Lydia W – 45 points
Kaya P – 44 points
Tyson E – 44 points
Lawson W – 44 points
Amanda O – 42 points

Thank You and Congrats to our Relay-Only Swimmers. Thank you for showing up, working hard, and contributing to the meet:
Isabela M, Allison L, Zooey Q, Sophia L, Maja S, Linda W, Maddie G, Emily P, Sammy O, Milena S, Kenza S, Reed J, Patryk K, Lance H, Daniel L, Jimmy B.
Relays ALONE earned our team 376 points!!!

Special Thank You to Dylan G. who stepped in as an Alternate for our 15-18 Boys 200 Free Relay. He was the only alternate we ended up needing for the meet, so thank you for joining an extra race when we needed you, and earning your team 24 points!

2 New All-Time Team Records (and 1 Tie)
Lauren C – Girls 13-14, 200 Yard IM – 2:36.37
Lawson W – Boys 13-14, 200 Yard IM – 2:26.54
Nicholas M – Boys 13-14, 50 Yard Freestyle – 0:25.84

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