Des Plaines Park District

The Splash Pad Rules

Seven simple Splash Pad Rules.

Please teach your children to follow them, so everyone stays safe & happy!
The Splash Pad Rules

1. The Splash Pad is only for children 10 years old and younger. The Splash Pad Rules

2. Everyone must wash and/or sanitize their hands before playing in the Splash Pad area.

3. Parents and guardians must actively watch their children at all times.

4. Please walk. Do not run. Splash Pad Rules

5. One one person is allowed on a slide at one time. Wait until the person ahead of you has cleared the end of the slide before proceeding.

6. Only slide feet first, on your backside. No headfirst sliding. No climbing up the slide.

7. Climbing, hanging, or swinging from the Splash Pad structures is not permitted.


We follow the IDPH Phase 4 Health & Safety Guidelines.
Phase 4 Splash Pad occupancy max is 25.

Map and directions to Prairie Lakes Aquatic Center

Prairie Lakes Aquatic Center Website

Prairie Lakes Aquatic Center Splash Pad Rules

The Splash Pad

Read the Lap Pool Rules

Read the Wellness Pool Guidelines

— Facility Hours —

Map and directions

Monday–Friday, 5:30a–8:00p
Saturday, 8:00a–8:00p
Sunday, 8:00a–6:00p
After 4:00p on Saturdays & Sundays,
please use the Aquatic Center entrance. (At the southwest corner.
Hours and capacity subject to change.
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