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Preschool Summer Camps

Preschool Summer Day Camp 2022

The summer preschool camp curriculum is designed to introduce our students to a variety of new themes not covered during the school year. We will continue to reinforce concepts, skills and routines from our traditional preschool setting. During each session we provide students with hands on learning to promote both an enjoyable and stimulating atmosphere focused on discover. This is the time for our students to get messy, be silly, and truly have a “summer camp” experience. Teachers will provide families with information about the proper attire to be worn on our specific days. These specialized activities transpire both inside and outside of the preschool classroom.

All students must be fully toilet-trained and able to tend to their own bathroom needs.
No pull-ups or diapers are allowed.

Download a PDF of the complete 2022 Summer Camp Guide
Please read the Creative Corners Summer Camp Handbook. Download a PDF.
Please complete the Creative Corners Summer Camp Student Profile. Download a PDF.

What to bring to camp
• Food Items: Healthy morning snack. Please do not pack snacks that contain peanuts.
• Daily Items: Dress for the weather! Pack extra clothes, gym shoes, and a water bottle.
• Apply sunscreen before camp.
• Hats are permitted to be worn outdoors.

Preschool Summer Camp
Ages 3.5–5
Must be 3 years old by February 1, 2022

Come and discover the Creative Corners Preschool’s Summer Camp. This program offers campers more time on building socialization and developmental skills while exploring weekly concepts and themes! Daily activities will include circle time, dramatic play, arts, stories, fine and gross motor. Instruction is designed to meet the levels of all campers, whether this is your first preschool experience or an extension from current school year programming.

Leisure Center, Room 108
Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday    9:00a–noon

Session 1, 3 weeks                             TBD
R: $165/NR: $206                               #164053-1

Session 2, 3 weeks                             TBD
R: $165/NR: $206                                #164053-2

Session 3, 3 weeks                              TBD
R: $165/NR: $206                                 #164053-3

Session 4, 3 weeks                               TBD
R: $165/NR: $206                                  #164053-4

.  .  .  .  .  .

Summer Lunch Bunch
Ages 3–5
Our program offers the best for both Preschool & Spanish Immersion Summer Campers looking to extend the preschool day. This additional time provides campers more opportunity for peer socialization during the lunch room and free play settings. Please pack a lunch and drink.
Leisure Center, Room 108

Session 1, 3 weeks                                  TBD
R: $90/NR: $113                                       #164054-1

Session 2, 3 weeks                                TBD
R: $90/NR: $113                                       #164054-2

Session 3, 3 weeks                                  TBD
R: $90/NR: $113                                       #164054-3

Session 4, 3 weeks                                   TBD
R: $90/NR: $113                                        #164054-4

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