Des Plaines Park District


How do I register for Park District programs?

You can: register in person at the Leisure Center and Prairie Lakes Community Center; use our Online Registration system; mail or fax a completed form. All Park District forms, for program registration, pool pass purchases, summer camps, birthday parties, and more, are available as PDFs for you to download here. Copies are at The Administrative & Leisure Center, and Prairie Lakes Community Center.

Resident and non-resident registration dates, payment options and program dates are always published in the Spectrum Program & Events Guide, or you can download PDFs of those information pages. Non-resident registration always begins one week after resident registration. Residents who have never registered with the Park District are required to submit proof of residency with their registration. Acceptable proofs of residency include: current voter’s registration card, current driver’s license, copy of current utility or phone bill or real estate tax statement showing taxes paid to the Des Plaines Park District.

Please note: While we make every effort to proofread and publish correct information for park district programs and events, occasionally errors in fees, schedules, and information do appear in our publications (print and digital, including website pages and social media posts), that need to be corrected. We apologize for any inconvenience that these errors and corrections may cause.


  • Click here for complete information on how to sign up for Online Registration.
  • To use Web Registration you need a Household ID and a PIN Number (Password).
  • If you have registered in person for any Park District program, you already have a Household ID number.
  • If you can’t find it, call 847-391-5700 (8:30am–5:00pm, Monday–Friday), and we’ll look it up for you.
  • If you can’t remember your password, we can have our secure, automated system can e-mail it to you.

Walk-in Registration

  • Where: Leisure Center, 2222 Birch Street
  • When: Hours: 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday-Friday.
  • Please bring proof of residency. Your registration will be time-stamped in the order received.
  • Walk-in registrations will be processed after the 7:00-8:30am drop-off registrations are processed.

Drop-off Registration

  • Where: Leisure Center, 2222 Birch Street
  • When: Monday-Friday: 7:00am – 9:30pm; Saturday: 8:30am – 6:00pm; Sunday: 1:00 – 6:00pm
  • A drop-off slot is located to the right of the receptionist counter. Please, do not drop-off a cash payment.
  • Drop-off registrations are also accepted at Prairie Lakes Community Center, during regular facility hours.
  • Drop-offs received prior to 7:00 am on the first day of registration, for residents and non-residents, are held until the following business day.


  • Mail completed forms with payment to: Des Plaines Park District, 2222 Birch Street, Des Plaines, IL 60018
  • Mail-in registrations received before the first day of registration, for residents and non-residents, are held until the following business day.


  • Fax your completed registration form to 847-391-5707 with complete credit card information.
  • Faxed registrations received before the first day of registration, for residents and non-residents, are held until the following business day.

Who is eligible to register for programs?

All are welcome! Residents of the City of Des Plaines, regardless of whether or not you live within the boundaries of the park district, pay the resident rate for programs, special events, daily admissions, and memberships.
Please note that residents of the city who live outside of the park district boundaries still register beginning the second week of registration (with non-residents) as a courtesy to the residents whose taxes help support the Des Plaines Park District.
A map of park district boundaries is on our website, and at all facilities. Please call the Administrative & Leisure Center, at 847-391-5700, if you have any questions about your residency status.

Resident Status Program: The Park District offer non-residents a Resident Status option. For an annual fee of $250 (good for 365 days from the date of purchase), non-residents can register for all programs and events at the resident rate.

Can I get my money back if I’m not satisfied with a program?

Yes, In order to receive any refund, you must complete a Refund Request Form. Copies of this form are available at any of our facilities.

  1. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Participants will receive a full refund if they are dissatisfied with the program after the 1st class meeting, and we receive a refund request form at least 24 hours before the 2nd class meets. Note: An administrative fee of $2 per class or program is charged for processing all refunds.
  2. After the first week of a program/class no refunds will be granted unless the program/class is cancelled. Refund requests received after the first week of a program will be honored if the request is due to a medical condition. A doctor’s note must accompany the request.
  3. No refunds for gift certificates will be allowed. Gift certificates may be used toward any Park District facility, program or trip.
  4. The refund request for trips must be received 48 hours prior to the day of the trip; refunds will be prorated based on the program costs incurred prior to receipt of the refund request.
  5. Refunds take approximately 2 weeks to process, and are mailed in check form or credited to your credit card account.
  6.  If you have an outstanding balance, any refund will first be applied to that balance.
  7. Additional policies apply to memberships, and passes. Details are available at the facilities.

How do I apply for a job with the Des Plaines Park District?

Employment Applications are only taken online. To apply for a job with the Park District, Click Here.

Applications may be filed at any time, however, only applications for a Vacancy (a job that is open) are reviewed by the supervisor.

General applications (for non-specific Positions) are kept in the system for one year.

Any online applications which are started, but not completed, are automatically deleted after 25 days.

Most part-time positions are available on a seasonal basis and include: Front desk staff at facilities, building supervisors, class instructors, maintenance staff, lifeguards, pool staff, camp staff, golf course and golf range staff, Lake Park, Mountain View Adventure Center and Mystic Waters concessions.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a great way to get involved, learn new skills and meet new people. Our volunteers receive special benefits as well as the respect they so richly deserve for serving the community through the Park District. You must be at least 16 years old.
Soccer & Basketball Coaches, contact Chris PooleAthletic Supervisor. 847-391-5711

Lake Park Golf Course Starters, contact Brian PanekManager of Golf & Facilities. 847-803-GOLF

Special Events, contact Jennifer BoysAssistant Superintendent of Recreation. 847-391-5711

How do I rent a room in a facility or in one of the parks?

The Facilities Rental website has photos, forms, and lots of  information. If you have not rented a room, a shelter, a fieldhouse or other facility from us, start by reviewing the website.

Park District rooms and buildings are available for rental use when available. Since Park District programs have first priority, and generally use all buildings Monday through Friday, facility spaces are often more available on Saturdays and Sundays. Unfortunately, rentals are not available on legal holidays. Kitchen facilities are designed for limited food preparation as can be accommodated by a range, oven, and refrigerator.

Rental agreement (PDF).

Photos of the rooms at Prairie Lakes, the Arndt Park, West Park and Cumberland Terrace Fieldhouses, and the Lake Park Picnic Shelters are available for you to see: Photos

The following facilities are available for rent:

Picnic Pavilions

  • Lake Park, North Picnic Shelter. Seating for 72-80. Outdoor grill, electrical outlet.
  • Lake Park, Optimist Picnic Pavilion. (2300 S. Lee Street) Seating for 64-72. Outdoor grill, electrical outlet.
  • Lake Park, North Picnic Shelter. Seating for 72-80. Outdoor grill, electrical outlet.
  • West Park Picnic Shelter No. 1. Seating for 32-40. Outdoor Grill.
  • West Park Picnic Shelter No. 2. Seating for 32-40. Electrical outlet.


  • Arndt Park FieldhouseCapacity 100 Includes kitchen (Not available in June, July or August)
  • Cumberland Terrace FieldhouseCapacity 35 Includes kitchen (Not available in June, July or August)
  • West Park Fieldhouse Capacity 100 Includes kitchen
  • Prairie Lakes Mt. View Room 1 Capacity 35. The kitchen is available, for an additional fee.
  • Prairie Lakes Mt. View Room 2 Capacity 50.
  • Prairie Lakes Mt. View Room 3 Capacity 35. Mt. View Rooms may be combined as needed, including the kitchen.
  • Prairie Lakes Meeting Room 1 Capacity 35
  • Prairie Lakes Meeting Room 2 Capacity 35
  • Prairie Lakes Multi-purpose Room Capacity 70 The kitchen is available for an additional fee.
  • Prairie Lakes Theater. Capacity 298. For information, visit our website page, or call 847-391-5711.

Some other rooms may be available at Prairie Lakes and the Leisure Center on weekends. Capacities vary from 30 to 60. Smoking and alcohol consumption are not permitted in any Park District building, with the exception of Golf Center Des Plaines and the Lake Park Golf Clubhouse. Rentals are handled on a first-come, first-served basis when the completed application is received. There are time restrictions and a deposit is required. Call 391-5700 between 8:30am and 5:00pm, weekdays. Or, you can call the Facility Rental voice mail at 847-391-5705 and leave your name, phone number, date, group size, and room desired. Facility Rental website.

Maps and directions are available for every park and facility are available: Click Here.

Banquet Facility

  • The River Room, at the Golf Center Des Plaines. Capacity: 100

Club Casa provides provides all food and beverages, including alcohol, for meetings, parties and special events in the River Room. Rentals are available throughout the week. Call 847-298-5100 for information and reservations. Click Here for the River Room website.

Does the Park District provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities?

Yes. The Des Plaines Park District, in cooperation with the Maine Niles Association of Special Recreation (M-NASR), will provide reasonable accommodations as required to allow any individual with a disability to actively participate in Des Plaines Park District programs or programs offered by M-NASR. These reasonable accommodations may include: providing communication aids and services, revising policies and practices, removing barriers, selecting available alternate activity sites, or taking other appropriate actions.

Although many individuals with disabilities may prefer to participate in programs offered by the Maine Niles Association of Special Recreation (847-966-5522), others may wish to enroll directly into the programs offered by the Des Plaines Park District. On our Program Registration Form is a check box for the ADA accommodation request. If you want to enroll in a Des Plaines Park District program and believe that an accommodation might be required, you can also call 847-391-5090 to discuss your specific situation.

Who do I call concerning problems in my neighborhood park?

Please call our Oakwood Maintenance facility: 847-391-5744, or e-mail Paul Guza, Superintendent of Parks & Planning

Can I call to find out if a practice, game, or special event has been cancelled?

Yes. Call the Program & Events Hotline at 847-391-5705. We also use Rainout Line to alert participants of cancellations. Download from the App Store or Google Play.

Can I walk my dog in the park?


Des Plaines Park District Code Section 8.04
(b) Dogs on leash* and under control are permitted in Des Plaines Park District owned parks, including general open space non-athletic areas, pathways and parking lots.

Dogs are restricted from all playgrounds and athletic/sports fields and facilities including but not limited to:

  • Ballfield Infields and Outfields
  • Soccer Fields
  • Skate/Bike Park
  • Tennis Courts and Pickleball Courts
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Basketball Courts
  • Golf Facilities (Courses, Driving Range, Short Game Practice Area)
  • Picnic Pavilions in all parks
  • Ponds and Lakes

Dog owners/handlers are required to abide by the City of Des Plaines Ordinance Section 6 Chapter 1 as it relates to inoculations, licensing and cleaning up after their dog.

No owner/handler will permit their dog to drink from a Park District water fountain unless the fountain is designed as “dog friendly” and includes a surface mount bowl.

No owner/handler will tie or tether their dog to any post, tree, bench, fence, Park District structure or other stationary object.
At any time the Park District may impose restrictions due to special events, construction, or special circumstance in the interest of public safety.

*Leash not to exceed 6 feet in length.

The Forest Preserve operates a dog friendly area at Beck Lake.

General Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations for all Park District parks are available at our facilities.

Sponsorships, advertising, and donations


The Park District has a number of opportunities available every year, and on a multi-year basis, for businesses, organizations and individuals to sponsor events. We are always happy to discuss mutually beneficial arrangements which include event naming, advertising, public relations, and promotion–at the event, in our facilities, in our publications and on our website.


Advertising and promotion in Park District facilities and publications is generally restricted to non-profit organizations. Please contact Don Miletic, Executive Director, at 847-391-5090 or, for information. If you would like your non-profit organization’s message on our Digital Message Board, at 515 E. Thacker Street, please download and fill-out a Digital Message Board Request Form.

Sponsorships, and Advertising & Promotion opportunities include:

  • Fall Fest, a three-day family-friendly festival in September.
  • Family Day at Lake Park in June.
  • The DASH 5k and 1-mile Run/Walk in June.
  • The Annual Fall Fest Fishing Derby, at Lake Park.
  • Dance Company performances.
  • The annual Live at the Lake Summer Concert Series, in Lake Park.
  • Advertising in the quarterly Spectrum Program and Events Guide and Playbook Program and Events Guide
  • A wide range of special events throughout the year.

Please contact Don Miletic, Executive Director, at 847-391-5090 or, to review our current sponsorship and advertising packages.

Memorial Trees and Benches

Read about the Park District Memorial Tree & Bench Program.

Please contact Susan Chiakas at 847-391-5744 or for more information.

The VFW and American Legion maintain the Lake Park Memorial Pavilion Buy A Brick program.

Information is available by calling the American Legion, 847-824-3236.

Administrative & Leisure Center2222 Birch Street • 847-391-5700

Golf Center Des Plaines353 N. River Road • 847-803-GOLF

Lake Park Golf Course & Marina1015 Howard Avenue • 847-391-5730

Mountain View Adventure Center510 E. Algonquin Road • 847-391-5733

Mystic Waters2025 Miner Street • 847-391-5740

Prairie Lakes Aquatic Center515 E. Thacker Street • 847-390-4949

Prairie Lakes Community Center515 E. Thacker Street • 847-391-5711