Des Plaines Park District

Full Immersion Spanish Classes

We’re proud to offer a
variety of Full Immersion
Spanish Language Programs!

Taught by
Specialty Instructor Laura Meza.

Within the Spanish Immersion Programs we are aware of all of the learning levels and experiences with the Spanish Language. Señora Meza takes all of this into account when designing and implementing her diverse curriculum to meet the needs for all students. The content and research based practices target literacy, support multicultural aspects and is culturally sensitive. Each week is broken up further into units that will connect towards the end of the month. Señora Meza, a native Spanish-speaker, utilizes innovative approaches to ensure long-term memory and vocabulary retention while improving the child’s writing skills and listening comprehension.

Señora Meza


For Spanish Immersion Summer Camp click here!

Full Immersion Spanish Preschool 2022-2023 School Year!

Ages 3–6
Spanish Immersion brings together the Spanish language along with the Creative Corners rich curriculum and routines, to provide your preschooler with an advanced educational experience. This full-immersion program will engage, entertain, and educate your child entirely en Español! This hands-on class is designed so that students actively participate, build skills, understand concepts and semantics. Friday classes will include language and skill development through the art of cooking. Themes will be incorporated within the lessons and activities of the 3-hour day, allowing plenty of time for students to work consistently with the new language. The opportunities to learn a second language and grow as an individual are essential for this impressionable age group’s future development. Must be potty trained.

Leisure Center, Room 109

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
Full Year R: $2,142/NR: $2,677.50
Monthly EFT R: $238/NR: $297.50

Tuesdays & Thursdays
Full Year R: $1,512/NR: $1,890
Monthly EFT R: $168/NR: $210

Full Year R: $3,699/NR: $4,626
Monthly EFT R: $411/NR: $514

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