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Frequently Requested Park District Policies

The complete manual of Des Plaines Park District Policies is available for your review
at the Administrative & Leisure Center, 2222 Birch Street, Monday–Friday, 8:30a–5:00p

Downloadble PDFs
Park Board Policies, Ordinances and Rules PDF
Park Board Policy and Ordinance Manual #20-02 PDF
Participant Behavior  Management Procedure #A-24 PDF

Can I get my money back if I’m not satisfied with a program?

Yes, In order to receive any refund, you must complete a Refund Request Form. Copies of this form are available at any of our facilities.

  1. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Participants will receive a full refund if they are dissatisfied with the program after the 1st class meeting, and we receive a refund request form at least 24 hours before the 2nd class meets. Note: An administrative fee of $3 per class or program is charged for processing all refunds.
  2. After the first week of a program/class no refunds will be granted unless the program/class is cancelled. Refund requests received after the first week of a program will be honored if the request is due to a medical condition. A doctor’s note must accompany the request.
  3. No refunds for gift certificates will be allowed. Gift certificates may be used toward any Park District facility, program or trip.
  4. The refund request for trips must be received 48 hours prior to the day of the trip; refunds will be prorated based on the program costs incurred prior to receipt of the refund request.
  5. Refunds take approximately 2 weeks to process, and are mailed in check form or credited to your credit card account.
  6.  If you have an outstanding balance, any refund will first be applied to that balance.
  7. Additional policies apply to memberships, and passes. Details are available at the facilities.

Does the Park District provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities?

General Rules:
Yes. The Des Plaines Park District, in cooperation with the Maine Niles Association of Special Recreation (M-NASR), will provide reasonable accommodations as required to allow any individual with a disability to actively participate in Des Plaines Park District programs or programs offered by M-NASR. These reasonable accommodations may include: providing communication aids and services, revising policies and practices, removing barriers, selecting available alternate activity sites, or taking other appropriate actions.

Although many individuals with disabilities may prefer to participate in programs offered by the Maine Niles Association of Special Recreation (847-966-5522), others may wish to enroll directly into the programs offered by the Des Plaines Park District. On our Program Registration Form is a check box for the ADA accommodation request. If you want to enroll in a Des Plaines Park District program and believe that an accommodation might be required, you can also call 847-391-5700 to discuss your specific situation.

Can I walk my dog in the park?

Des Plaines Park District Code Section 8.04
(b) Dogs on leash* and under control are permitted in Des Plaines Park District owned parks,
including general open space non-athletic areas, pathways and parking lots.

Dogs are restricted from all playgrounds and athletic/sports fields and facilities including but not limited to:
• Ballfield Infields and Outfields • Soccer Fields •Skate/Bike Parks • Tennis Courts
• Volleyball Courts • Basketball Courts • Golf Facilities • Picnic Shelters • Ponds and Lakes
Dog owners/handlers are required to abide by the City of Des Plaines Ordinance Section 6 Chapter 1 as it relates to inoculations, licensing and cleaning up after their dog. No owner/handler will permit their dog to drink from a Park District water fountain unless the fountain is designed as “dog friendly” and includes a surface mount bowl. No owner/handler will tie or tether their dog to any post, tree, bench, fence, Park District structure or other stationary object. At any time the Park District may impose restrictions due to special events, construction, or special circumstance in the interest of public safety.

*Leash not to exceed 6 feet in length.

The Forest Preserve operates a dog friendly area at Beck Lake.

Photo and Video Policy

Photographs and videos are periodically taken of participants during programs, special events, trips or at the parks. These photographs may be used in Park District publications, on our website, in our advertising and promotional materials, and in local newspapers. In general, we do not identify people in photographs in our publications or on our website. Newspapers often require the names of people in photographs we provide with our press releases and articles.


Advertising and promotion in Park District facilities and electronic screens is generally restricted to non-profit organizations. Please call 847-3901-5700 or email, for information. If you would like your non-profit organization’s message on our Electronic Message Board, at 515 E. Thacker Street, please download and fill-out this Message Board Request Form.

Advertising is available in the quarterly Spectrum Program & Events Guide. Inquiries should be directed to the Jeanette Berard, 847-391-5700, or sent to

General Rules and Regulations

Specific Rules and Regulations for Des Plaines Park District parks and facilities are available for your review at the Administrative & Leisure Center, and the Prairie Lakes Community Center. Questions about park district policies should be sent to the Executive Director, Don Miletic.