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Youth Soccer

 Youth Soccer Leagues & Camps

Read the complete program details for these Youth Soccer Leagues  and Camps and sign up online HERE.
Questions? Contact Alessandro Moraca Athletics Supervisor. or 847-391-5711.
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Lil Kickers League
Soccer Games: September 9th-October 21st!
Ages: 4–7
Grades: K–1
Prairie Lakes Soccer Fields

This Soccer League introduces young players to soccer fundamentals and the dynamics of playing on a team. Coaches help them develop beginning, intermediate and more advanced skills. The 7-week season is coordinated by park district athletic staff, with game days run by the experienced trainers from Hot Shot Sports. Parent volunteers are required to assist with training led by Hot Shots trainers & manage team substitutions throughout gameplay.
Practice and game play are on Saturdays, between 11:30a–2:00p.

Youth Soccer League
Soccer Games: August 28th-October 28th!
Ages: 7–9 Grades: 2 & 3
Ages: 9–11 Grades: 4 & 5
Prairie Lakes Soccer Fields or D62 Soccer Fields

This league is divided into two age groups, each designed to continue developing players’ skills in a safe, positive environment. Teams are run by parent volunteer coaches who will been trained by Jr. Warriors Soccer coaches.
8-week season.
Practices are on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 5:30–6:30pm. Practices begin the week of August 28th.
Games are played on Saturdays at Prairie Lakes Soccer Fields.
         –2nd/3rd Grade will play between 9-11am.
         –4th/5th Grade will play between 11a-1p.

Middle School Soccer League
Soccer Games: August 29th-October 28th!
Ages: 11-14
Grades: 6-8
Prairie Lakes Soccer Fields

8-week season.
Practices are on Tuesday’s or Thursdays at Prairie Lakes Soccer Fields from 5:30–6:30p.
Games are played on Saturdays. Times will be provided by your coach.


Des Plaines Park District Youth Soccer Leagues

Administrative & Leisure Center2222 Birch Street • 847-391-5700

Golf Center Des Plaines353 N. River Road • 847-803-GOLF

Lake Park Golf Course & Marina1015 Howard Avenue • 847-391-5730

Mountain View Adventure Center510 E. Algonquin Road • 847-391-5733

Mystic Waters2025 Miner Street • 847-391-5740

Prairie Lakes Aquatic Center515 E. Thacker Street • 847-390-4949

Prairie Lakes Community Center515 E. Thacker Street • 847-391-5711