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Lifeguard Training

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Lifeguard Training Course

For ages 15+

Prepare for a job that is both challenging and rewarding!

This comprehensive course includes water safety and rescue techniques, CPR, First Aid, AED certification, oxygen support training. and an online class. Internet access is required to complete the book and test portion of this course prior to the class.
Questions? Contact the Aquatic Manager
You can start the application process online HERE.
Prairie Lakes Aquatic Center Map and Directions


• 15 years of age or older.
• Tread water for 3 minutes using only your legs.
• Swim 300 yards continuously, using front crawl or breaststroke.
• Retrieve a 10-lb brick from a depth of 7 feet and swim to the side. NOTE: Subsequent training, in an outdoor pool, will require retrieving a 10lb brick from a depth of 12 feet and swimming to the side.

Lifeguard Classes

All training sessions are held at the Prairie Lakes Aquatic Center, in the Party Room and Lap Pool.
Internet access is required to complete the book and test portion of this course prior to the class.

Lifeguard class fees

A) New candidates: R/NR: FREE but still need to register!
B) Returning lifeguards: R/NR: FREE but still need to register!

Lifeguard Training Class Dates: 2023

Friday, February 24, 6:00–9:00p
Saturday, February 25, 9:00a–5:00p
Sunday, February 26, 9:00a–5:00p
Codes: A) #467109-3     B) #467109-4

Friday, March 25, 6:00–9:00p
Saturday, March 26, 9:00a-5:00p
Sunday, March 27, 9:00a-5:00p
Codes: A) #467109-5     B) #467109-6

Friday, April 28, 6:00–9:00p
Saturday, April 29, 9:00a-5:00p
Sunday, April 30, 9:00a-5:00p
Codes: A) #567109-1     B) #567109-2

Friday, May 19, 6:00–9:00p
Saturday, May 20, 9:00a–5:00p
Sunday, May 21, 9:00a–5:00p
Codes: A) #567109-3 B) #567109-4

Monday, June 5, 10:00a–4:00p
Tuesday, June 6, 10:00a–4:00p
Wednesday, June 7, 10:00a–4:00p
Codes: A) #167109-1     B) #167109-2

Monday, June 26, 10:00a–4:00p
Tuesday, June 27, 10:00a–4:00p
Wednesday, June 28, 10:00a–4:00p
Codes: A) #167109-3     B) #167109-4


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