Des Plaines Park District

Staff Directory

Administrative & Leisure Center • 2222 Birch Street, 60018 • 847-391-5700
Prairie Lakes Community Center • 515 E.Thacker Street, 60016 • 847-391-5711
Golf Center Des Plaines • 353 N. River Road, 60016 • 847-803-4653
Oakwood Maintenance Facility • 1300 Oakwood Avenue, 60016 • 847-391-5744

Park district staff members are available to assist you with any questions you have about parks & facilities, programs & events, strategic planning & polices, and the park district philosophy. We always appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Organization Chart


Executive Director Donald J. Miletic, CPRP 847-391-5700
Superintendent of Parks
& Golf Operations
Paul A. Cathey 847-803-4653
Superintendent of Business Barbara Barrera  847-391-5700
Superintendent of Recreation Nick Troy, CPRP  847-391-5090
Assistant Superintendent
of Parks & Planning
Corrie Guynn, CPRP
ISA Certified Arborist, CPSI, CPO
Assistant Superintendent
of Golf Operations & Facilities
Brian Panek, CPRP  847-803-4653
Assistant Superintendent
of Recreation
Jennifer Boys, CPRP, CPO 847-391-5700
Human Resources &
Risk Manager
Nicole McNulty  847-391-5700
IT Manager Sean King  847-391-5700
Marketing and
Communications Manager
Gene Haring 847-391-5087
Golf & Facilities Supervisor Tyler Fuchs 847-803-4653


Business Manager Gosia Telichowska 847-391-5700
Accounting Assistant Julie Christoffel 847-391-5700
Accounts Payable Diane Lawson 847-391-5700
Accounts Receivable/
Facility Rentals
Mary Ann Troxell 847-391-5086
Registrar (Leisure Center) Trish Romza 847-391-5700

Parks & Maintenance

Mechanical Operations
Ed Kelley 847-391-5744
Landscape Maintenance
Steve Krotz 847-391-5744
Special Projects Supervisor Don Prellberg 847-391-5700
Building Services Supervisor Ken Rochau 847-803-4940
Oakwood Office Susan Chiakas 847-391-5744


Facilities Manager:
Prairie Lakes
Mountain View
Shelli Sarg 847-391-5700
Aquatic & Youth Programs Manager Matt Hartnett, CPRP, CPO  847-391-5700
Recreation Supervisor Jeanette Berard, CPRP 847-391-5700
Athletic Supervisor
Sponsorship Coordinator
Joshua Cantres 847-391-5711
Cultural Arts Supervisor Nancy Suwalski 847-391-5711
Recreation Supervisor Cindy Yelich, CPRP 847-391-5711
Athletics and Facilities Supervisor Chris Poole 847-391-5711
Public Relations Coordinator (Part time) Colette Plantz 847-391-5718
Social Media Coordinator (Part time) Adam Cumbee 847-391-5093