Des Plaines Park District

Administrative & Leisure Center

2222 Birch Street
Administrative Office Hours: Monday–Friday: 8:30a–5:00p
847-391-5700 • Fax: 847-391-5707
After Hours: 847-668-6983 (5:00–9:30p Monday–Thursday, and 8:30a–5:00p on Saturdays.)
Staff Contact Information

Spring Hours
Monday – Friday 7:00a–9:30p
Saturday 8:30a–6:00p
Sunday 11:00a–5:00pm

— Holiday Hours —

April 17, Closed
May 30, Closed

Open Gym Hours

Availability is subject to change due to park district programming, rentals and events. It’s always best to call and check the daily schedule. 847-391-5700 (M-F, 8:30a–5:00p) or 847-668-6983 after hours and on weekends.

Open Gym Fees

Adult resident, $4
Adult non-resident, $6
Youth* resident, free before 5:30p M–F
Youth* resident, $3 after 5:30p M–F
Youth* resident, $3, Saturdays and Sundays
Youth* non-resident, $4
*17 and younger.
For Elementary and Middle School students, a parent or adult chaperone must sign in and remain in the building. Valid ID and sign-in is required for all participants.


Administrative & Leisure Center2222 Birch Street • 847-391-5700

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