Des Plaines Park District

Administrative & Leisure Center

2222 Birch Street
847-391-5700 • Fax: 847-391-5707
After Hours: 847-668-6983 (5:00–9:30p Monday–Thursday, and 8:30a–5:00p on Saturdays.)

Administrative Office Hours
Weekdays                     8:30a-5:00p
Saturdays                     Closed
Sundays                       Closed
Staff Contact Information

Building Hours
Weekdays                     7:00a-9:00p
Saturdays                      8:30a-5:00p
Sundays                        11:00a-4:00p
Health Club Hours
Weekdays                     7:00a-8:30p
Saturdays                      8:30a-4:30p
Sundays                        11:00a-3:30p
Gym Hours
Mondays – Fridays             3:00-8:30p
Saturdays                           8:30a-4:30p
Sundays                            11:00a-3:30p

Open Gym Hours

Availability is subject to change due to park district programming, rentals and events. It’s always best to call and check the daily schedule. 847-391-5700 (M-F, 8:30a–5:00p) or 847-668-6983 after hours and on weekends.

Open Gym Fees

Adult resident, $4
Adult non-resident, $6
Youth* resident, free before 5:30p M–F
Youth* resident, $3 after 5:30p M–F
Youth* resident, $3, Saturdays and Sundays
Youth* non-resident, $4
*17 and younger.
For Elementary and Middle School students, a parent or adult chaperone must sign in and remain in the building. Valid ID and sign-in is required for all participants.


Administrative & Leisure Center2222 Birch Street • 847-391-5700

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