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The Pool Rules

— The Pool Rules —

The Pool Rules
These simple rules for the competition and lap pool are in place for everyone’s safety.
Break them at your own risk. Yes, we’ll ask you to leave.


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1. When a lifeguard is not on duty, all guests swim at their own risk. During those times, an adult must be in the water with any swimmer under the age of 16.

2. Parents and/or guardians are responsible for supervising their own children. Lifeguards are responsible for enforcing safety rules and responding to emergencies. 

3. Please make any special needs known to facility staff when you arrive. The Pool Rules

4. Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older at all times. Any unaccompanied child will be asked to exit the water until we locate their parent or guardian.

5. Any child who is not toilet-trained must wear tight-fitting rubber, plastic pants, or a properly fitted swim diaper over their diaper.

6. Strollers are not allowed inside the facility; car seats are permitted.

7. Smoking, vaping, drinking alcohol, or using drugs is prohibited anywhere in the facility or on the patio. Persons under the influence are not allowed in the facility.

8. Flotation devices including, but not limited to, rafts, kick boards, diving rings, balls, other toys, float belts or vests will not be allowed in the pools except during scheduled times in which they are not allowed in the deep end. Any floatation device used during these times must be approved by the aquatic staff. During all public swim hours, only Coast-Guard approved Type 2 and Type 3 flotation devices will be permitted, and only in the shallow area with an adult in the water within arm’s reach. A limited number of approved vests are available for use on a first-come, first-served basis.

9. Family Changing Rooms are available for parents with young children of the opposite sex. Children over the age of 6 should use the gender-appropriate locker room.

10. We encourage all swimmers to shower before entering the pools.

11. All apparel worn in the pool shall be clean. Swimsuits are preferred. Apparel is limited to appropriate, tight-fitting, athletic wear. No cut-off shorts or clothing with metal fasteners allowed. Individuals in street clothes will be restricted to designated areas of the facility.

12. Food, drink, and coolers are only allowed in the lobby and patio areas. The Pool Rules

13. The Park District is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Lockers are available for use free of charge. Patrons are encouraged to bring their own locks. Locks are available for purchase at the Aquatic Center front desk. All lockers will be emptied each evening when the facility closes.

14. Please use a locker to store your belongings. Any items brought onto the pool deck must be hung on the pegs along the windows or placed on the bleachers. Deck benches are reserved for sitting.

15. Admission to the pool will be refused to all persons having any contagious disease or exhibiting any infectious conditions such as colds, fever, ringworm, foot infections, skin lesions, carbuncles, boils, diarrhea, vomiting, inflamed eyes, ear discharges, or any other condition that has the appearance of being infectious.

16. Personal conduct within the pool facility must be such that the safety of self and others is not jeopardized. No running or boisterous or rough play.

17. The pool water is not suitable for drinking. Avoid swallowing pool water.

18. Spitting, spouting of water, blowing the nose or otherwise introducing contaminants into the pool is not permitted.

19. Rules may be added or amended by management as deemed necessary.

Wellness Pool Guidelines

The Pool Rules at Prairie Lakes Aquatic Center

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