Des Plaines Park District

Bluett Park

Bluett Park is located at 1408 E. Thayer Street, in Mount Prospect.
North of Central Road, four blocks west of Wolf Road.

Bluett Park sign

Bluett Park has a colorful playground with swings, slides, and plenty of things to climb on; a sand play area for digging and castle making; a picnic table and benches for relaxing, reading, and watching your children on the playground; a softball/baseball backstop; a basketball half court; and plenty of open space for kite flying, soccer, and family fun.

Posted February 10, 2020
Des Plaines Park District Holds Public Forum for Park Renovations
The Des Plaines Park District is hosting a Public Forum on February 26 to discuss plans for the renovation of the Bluett Park playground and the addition of amenities to the park. The forum will be held from 6:15–7:30pm at Prairie Lakes Community Center, 515 E. Thacker Street, in Des Plaines. Residents of the Bluett Park neighborhood are encouraged to attend the meeting and provide input on the improvements they would most like to see. Slides of recent park renovations and amenities will be shown. Park district staff, administrators, and commissioners will be available to answer questions.
Bluett Park is located at 1408 E. Thayer Street, in Mount Prospect, and is within the Des Plaines Park District boundaries. Following the forums, the park district will produce drawings of the proposed renovations and seek bids on new equipment, the demolition and excavation of the current playground, and the construction of a new playground and amenities. Work would begin in summer 2020 and be completed by fall. “Our goal is always to provide a safe, modern, and unique play experience that will enhance the recreational opportunities in the neighborhood,” said Cathey. “Everyone in the Bluett Park neighborhood will benefit from the exciting advances in recreation design that have taken place over the last 15 years.”

UPDATE: The park district has applied for a grant to renovate and update the playground at Bluett Park, and we’re looking into adding a Free Game Court, similar to the one that’s very popular at Seminole Park.

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