Des Plaines Park District

Tech Stars—Computer Explorers


Des Plaines Park District offers their community cutting edge STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) programs with COMPUTER EXPLORERS TechStars.™ These programs are designed around 21st Century Learning, STEM initiatives and Next Generation Science Standards using software, apps and supporting peripherals to fully engage the student with proper instruction for enhancing and extending their academic readiness, develop problem-solving expertise, creativity and to practice team-building.

“R” is for robotics
Ages 4–7
Meet a different member of the robot team each week. C.A.P., Roamer, Colby, Bee-Bot and Speedy as we work in teams to plan a trip through a maze, make music, draw shapes and more. We’ll learn about coding and programming. If at first we don’t succeed, try, try again!
Min/Max: 6/8
Computer Explorers, Instructor
Prairie Lakes, Mountain View 3
Monday–Thursday, 12:30–2:00p            6/14–6/17
R: $81/NR: $101                                         #155307-1

Cars, Catapults and Bridges
Ages 7–12
This class focuses on teaching the FUNDdamentals of engineering as students work in team using LEGO® simple machine kits. Each session will build upon the student’s skill level as they learn about levers, wheels/axels, and gears. Projects could include building drawbridges, cars, amusement park rides, cranes, catapults and much more! Join the fun while you explores engineering concepts that you use at home for your won projects.
Min/Max: 6/10
Computer Explorers, Instructor
Rosemont Park District, 6140 N. Scott Street
Monday–Thursday, 12:30–2:00p            7/12–7/15
R: $97.50/NR: $122                                   #155309-1


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