Des Plaines Park District

Lake Park Marina

Lake Opeka and the Lake Park Marina

1015 Howard Avenue • 847-391-5730

Map and directions.

Lake Opeka

Lake Opeka offers a myriad of fishing, sailing, and boating opportunities for all ages, and has been a popular destination for over 50 years.

Lake Park Marina

Lake Park Marina is open every year from April 1 through October 31.
Sailing and boating are always weather dependent. Please call the Clubhouse, 847-391-5730, for updates on weather related closings.

Shoreline fishing

Fishing is allowed daily, from 6:00am until sunset. While a Des Plaines Park District fishing pass is no longer required, Cook County and State of Illinois licensing requirements still apply.
For the health of the lake, and to respect your fellow fishermen, please follow all posted fishing rules and creel limits.

Boat & Kayak Rentals

The park district has 11 Paddle Boats available for rent at the Lake Park Marina, including one that is ADA compliant. Each boat seats 4 people.

Come into the clubhouse, fill out the form, and off you go! These simple to operate boats are a favorite with families and camp groups. Cruise around Lake Opeka, along the golf course, past the volleyball courts, Optimist Picnic Shelter and the Lake Park Memorial Pavilion. It’s a view of the park you’re sure to enjoy, including the beautiful fishing pier in North Lake Park as you head back to the marina.

Paddle Boat Rentals

Resident: $10 per 1/2 hour • $18 per hour
Non-resident: $12 per 1/2 hour • $20 per hour
Paddle Boats are a great addition to your day at Lake Park. Group rates are available. Please call for details: 847-391-5730.

Kayak Rentals

Resident: $8 per 1/2 hour • $14 per hour
Non-resident: $10 per 1/2 hour •  $16 per hour

Tandem Kayak Rentals

Resident: $12 per 1/2 hour • $18 per hour
Non-resident: $14 per 1/2 hour • $20 per hour

Fishing Boat Rentals

Resident: $12 per 1/2 hour • $20 per hour
Non-resident: $14 per 1/2 hour • $22 per hour
Maximum of 2 people per boat.
Anyone under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult 21 years or older.

Sailing & Boating on Lake Opeka

  • Boating season is April 1 to October 31.
  • Sailing is only permitted when Park District staff is on duty:
    April-May 8am-dusk; June-September 7am-dusk; October, 8am-dusk.
  • All boats must be registered in order to sail on the lake, and all boaters must sign in and out at the Clubhouse.
  • Boaters must be at least 16 years of age or be accompanied by an adult.

Boat Registration and Mooring Fees

All moorings are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis; boaters with a mooring from the previous year have priority.
Download a PDF of the form, or call the Lake Park Clubhouse staff, 847-391-5730, for more information.

Summer fees include one dry mooring slip and the use of Lake Opeka for the entire boating season: April 1–October 31.
Resident: $205
Non-resident: $365

Winter fees include one dry mooring slip: November 1–March 31.
Resident: $170
Non-resident: $195

Boat Launch Fees

Daily Launch Fee: For users who prefer to pay for the use of Lake Opeka one day at a time.
Resident: $10/day
Non-resident: $20/day

Annual Launch Fee: Includes use of Lake Opeka for the entire season, April 1–October 31.
Resident: $70
Non-resident: $115

Sailing lessons

Sailing lessons, for all ages, are available throughout the season.
Adult lesson are also available on weekday evenings.
For details, please contact Tyler Fuchs, 847-803-4754.

Sailing Camps

For ages 8–14
Every summer we have classes that concentrate on the basic concepts of safe sailing, and classes that are designed to teach more techniques for intermediate and advanced sailors. Each one-week camp will review what you need to know about wind direction, knot tying, and includes on-the-water practice.
Lake Park Marina, 1015 Howard Avenue. Map and directions.

Sail on with the Des Plaines Yacht Club!

If you’re interested in sailing, and want to share that interest with a friendly group, join us for a meeting at the Lake Park Clubhouse and get involved with our fun activities. Visit our website
Regattas take place throughout the season, on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings. Come join us! The park district sponsors the Annual Labor Day Regatta for sailors. See you there!

Please protect our wildlife

Lake Park is home to a number of species of Illinois wildlife, all of whom are able to forage for food and sustain themselves on a natural, healthy diet. In particular, our darling ducklings and goslings quickly grow to full-size, hungry adults. Bread crumbs and popcorn are NOT good wildlife food. If you feed them, these birds lose their food foraging instincts as well as the need to migrate which results in over-population, overcrowding, and a shortage of food and space for the animals. In consideration of the balance of nature, PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE. Feeding may be fun, but it can be deadly.

Park District Forms (Download PDFs of all park district forms.)