Mountain View Adventure Center

Skate Park

Skate and BMX Parks


The large Skate & Bike Park will be closed for major renovations beginning early October 2017. The work is expected to take 6–8 weeks. The smaller BMX Bike Park, on the north end of Mt. View, will remain open. Once the expansion work is completed, the north park will be permanently closed, and the equipment will be moved to the large park. Weather permitting, all of the work is scheduled to be completed in late fall 2017.

FREE! Open everyday 8a–11p
Shelli Sarg, Facilities Manager: 847-391-5711.

The Adventure Center Skate & Bike Parks are designed to challenge beginning, intermediate, and advanced users with plenty of ramps and obstacles.
The parks are unsupervised and reserved for skateboard, rollerblade, scooter, and BMX Bike use only.
Use of helmets and pads is strongly encouraged.

The two parks have a wide variety of features:

  • 3′ Hipped Bank with 4′ – 6′ Quarter & Sub Box
  • 4′ Hipped Mission Control with Hubba & Rail
  • Multi Level Grind Box with Planter and Stairs
  • Kinked Rail
  • 2′ – 6′ Half Pyramid with Rail and Hubba Ledge
  • 14′ Curved Grind Box with Down Rail
  • 5′ Quarter Pipe with 6′ extension, 18′ wide
  • 18′ Grind Rail, 12′ long
  • 14′ Grind Bench
  • Curved, concrete Grinding Wall
  • Shade structure
  • Vending machines
  • Concession stand is open in spring, summer and fall