Des Plaines Park District

Coaches Application

The Des Plaines Park District Soccer Recreational League welcomes and encourages people from the community to volunteer as coaches.

Our soccer league serves boys and girls ages 4–14. All levels of coaches are eligible, whether you are a beginner or a certified coach. The spring soccer season begins in March and ends in May.

This spring, we have added a component that brings great value to the program. We are implementing Certified Soccer Trainers during all practices for grade levels 2 through 8. Players will receive up to date technical skill development in a fun and exciting team environment. The trainers will be assisted by up to two volunteer coaches per team. Those coaches will work with the trainers during the week’s practice sessions, and will then be in charge of running the teams on game day.

Grade levels 1st grade and younger will continue to be coached by well-trained volunteers. In addition to substantial pre-season training, we will have a fun day of drills with the Certified Trainers, to provide volunteer coaches with even more great ideas to use with their teams.

Note: Background checks are required for all coaches.

We look forward in working together to provide our youth a safe and fun soccer experience!

You can register as a volunteer coach for your respective division by clicking on this link:

Be sure to download these additional important resources:
Soccer Coaches Manual
Safety Manual
Crisis Management Manual