Des Plaines Park District

Artistry in Motion Spring Showcase 2015

DanceAmerica 2015 at the Paramount Theater in Aurora, Illinois

61 Dances competed
58 Dances qualified for Nationals, which will be held during the first week in July in Schaumburg
29 – 1st Places
17 – 2nd Places
4 – 3rd Places
4 – 4th Places
1 – 5th Place
6 – Merit awards

Congratulations to the following dancers who qualified as Semi-finalists for the DOTY (Dance of the Year) program at Nationals:
Petite – Madison Rentner, Giulia Demma, Makayla Allen, Ashlinn DeMonte, Kiley White
Teen – Jordin Suwalski, Anna Wozniakowski, Kim Fairhead, Rose Kurutz, Marcell Podsiadly, Lyris Daker, Tess Wastyn, Lynn Anama, Ella Kurutz, Greta Sorensen, Olivia Bitcon
Senior – Mathew Skorupski, Natalie Sanchez, Jessie Starzynski, Emily Sprague, Bridget Donovan, Jackie Rentner

Specialty Awards
Most Promising Performer (Primary/Junior) – Anna Wozniakowski
Best Choreography – In this Shirt (Meghan, Natalie, Jessie) – Choreo by Ms. Jamie

Overall High Scores
2nd Runner-Up Female Solo – Human Behavior, Anna Wozniakowski
1st Runner-Up Female Solo – Creep, Jordin Suwalski

High Score Duo/Trio – Dock of the Bay (Jordin & Anna)

High Score Small Group – Love Runs Out (Jordin, Anna, Rose, Kim)

High Score Male Solo – Hard to Say Goodbye, Mathew Skorupski
High Score Duo/Trio – In This Shirt (Meghan, Natalie, Jessie)
High Score Production – We Found Love (Sr. A & B)
High Score Mega-Production – Counting Stars (Sr. A, Sr. B, Jr. A)

Watch Jessica’s video on Leap for the Stars’ website

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