Des Plaines Park District

Pool Passes

How to Purchase a Pool Pass

Save time: renew your 2018 Pool Pass online. Plus, you’ll receive 2 Guest Passes, and a 2019 Recreation Relief Discount Card!

Renew through the online portal. Log in, click SEARCH and PASS MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL.

Pool Pass fees and information are on pages 8 and 9 of the Spring Spectrum.

1. 2018 Pool Pass Holders may register by mail, or in person at the Leisure Center and Prairie Lakes.
2. In-person purchase is required for all purchases of NEW pool passes. Each individual family member will have their photo taken at the time of registration, so, if possible, all family members should get their pool passes at the same time.
3. Fill out the registration form. Check the type of pass you are purchasing. Complete all family information including individual names and birth dates. Please indicate if each pass is new or a renewal. Determine pass fee using the chart on this page. Please note: If you are renewing a 2018 pass, but need a new universal card, please add $8 per replacement.
4. Payment may be made with cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. Make checks payable to the Des Plaines Park District. Credit card payments require the card number, expiration date, and the cardholder’s signature.
5. Have proof of residency ready when you come in to register. A current driver’s license or a recent utility bill that shows your name and address is sufficient.
6. Pool pass purchases made after 9:30p on June 2 are at the in-season rates.

Pool Pass Policies

A ‘family’ is defined as parents and their dependent children (age 23 and under) who reside at the same address. Grandparents who reside with their adult children can be added to a family pass with proof of residency.
• Multiple families that reside in the same household must purchase a separate pass for each family, and each family must have proof of residency at that address.
• Live-in babysitters/nannies are not considered family members.
• Children two years of age and younger are admitted free.
• All residents of the City of Des Plaines qualify for resident rates. Residents of the Golf Maine and the Rosemont park districts also qualify for our resident Pool Pass rates.
• Families with over 5 members are required to show birth certificates in order to purchase pool passes.
• Children under the age of 10 receive special Youth Passes, and are not allowed into any of our aquatic facilities unless accompanied by an adult 18 years or older.

Pool Pass Refunds

Refunds for a season pool pass are issued, for any reason, before the pools open. During the pool season, prorated refunds are issued for medical reasons (with a Doctor’s note) or due to relocation out of the area. Refund requests received during the season, for any other reason, are considered on a per case basis by the Aquatic Manager. In all cases, $2 plus a 25% per pass fee are assessed for refunds.