Des Plaines Park District

Pool Closing Guidelines

For weather updates and current information on Pools and Aquatics programs:
Mystic Waters, 847-391-5740, the Chippewa & Iroquois Pools Hotline, 847-391-5705.
Updates are also available on our website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Early Closings:

Weather and attendance related closings

  1. We will close Chippewa & Iroquois Pools when there are fewer than 20 guests present for one hour.
    We will close Mystic Waters when there are fewer than 50 guests present for one hour.
  2. If, at opening time, the air temperature is 70 degrees, we will open for at least one hour and let crowd size determine if we remain open or not.
  3. If the air temperature is less than 70 degrees, we will close. (Or not open.)
  4. If there is threatening weather, lightening, or thunderstorms the pools will close.
  5. No refunds will be issued for Early Pool Closings.
  6. See schedule and facility for other special hours and closings.

Rest Periods

  1. Rest periods are called at 2:00p, 4:00p and 6:00p daily, or as often as deemed necessary by the
    the manager on duty. Each break will last at least 15 minutes. You are encouraged to use this time to Reapply sunscreen, Rehydrate, and Relax!
  2. Adults 18 years or older may swim during rest periods.

Adult Only Swim

Chippewa Pool on Tuesdays from 6:15–9:00p. (Adults are 18 years and older.)

Raft Nights

Raft Nights are held Mondays and Fridays at Chippewa Pool and Iroquois Pool from 7:00–9:00p.
The use of certain types of rafts are subject to management discretion. Rafts and floats will not be allowed
in the deep end of the pools.

Administrative & Leisure Center2222 Birch Street • 847-391-5700

Golf Center Des Plaines353 N. River Road • 847-803-GOLF

Lake Park Golf Course & Marina1015 Howard Avenue • 847-391-5730

Mountain View Adventure Center510 E. Algonquin Road • 847-391-5733

Mystic Waters2025 Miner Street • 847-391-5740

Prairie Lakes Aquatic Center515 E. Thacker Street • 847-390-4949

Prairie Lakes Community Center515 E. Thacker Street • 847-391-5711