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Leader in Training Program

Leader In Training Program

 Every year, the park district runs a special Leader in Training Program for youth ages 13–15 who are interested in becoming summer camp counselors. The teen leaders who are accepted into this program work as support staff at Camp Discovery, under the supervision of our adult program counselors. Regular LIT meetings focus on leadership skills: how to plan and teach games and crafts to campers, share experiences, and more. The program is designed to help high school age youth realize their leadership potential and develop the skills needed to be a major contributor to the success of our most impressionable age group of campers.

Get Started!
  1. Complete the LIT Application and submit a letter of recommendation from your school principal.
  2. Interviews are conducted in March and April, 2022.
  3. Applications are approved via email or phone. Registration begins in April at the Leisure Center.
  4. This is not a paid position. LITs are required to register for at least 2 weeks of Camp Discovery.
  5. LITs receive 2 shirts and a name badge. Your LIT shirt and badge must be worn every day.
  6. The camp sessions you are assigned to are determined by when your application is received.

Questions? Call 847-391-5700 or contact Elizabeth via email: 

Download these two PDFs
LIT Application PDF
LIT Information Packet PDF

Camp Discovery, LIT Program 2021

Prairie Lakes, Meeting Rooms 1 & 2
Two-week sessions
Monday–Friday, 7:00a–6:00p

Session 1 6/6–6/17 

Session 2 6/20–7/1 

Session 3* 7/5–7/15 Session 4 7/18–7/29 

Session 1 6/6–6/17
Session 2 6/20–7/1
Session 3* 7/5–7/15  *No camp July 4
Session 4 7/18–7/29

Camp Discovery Schedule

Mondays: AM: General Camp Activities/PM: Mountain View Adventure Center
Tuesdays: AM: Swimming/General Camp Activities
Wednesdays: General Camp Activities
Thursdays: AM: Swimming/PM: General Camp Activities
Fridays: Leadership Peer Meeting/LIT Director Trip

Leader in Training Participation Rules

• Wear your LIT shirt and name tag every day; bring a bathing suit, lunch, sunscreen.
• Actively participate with campers every day.
• Lead games and activities when directed by Camp Director or LIT Coordinator.
• Always maintain appropriate language in conversations with campers and counselors.
• Always apply appropriate safety measures with campers and counselors.
• You must report all incidents to the Camp Director or LIT Coordinator immediately.
• Do not communicate directly with parents and guardians regarding campers.
• You are to have only limited interaction with parents and guardians, as this is not a full counselor position.
• Leader in Training downtime is during the daily 2:00p activities, and on Fridays (or per the Camp Director).
• All rules and regulations set for campers, counselors and directors must be followed by LITs at all times.
• The Des Plaines Park District reserves the right to remove an LIT Program participant at any time.

Administrative & Leisure Center2222 Birch Street • 847-391-5700

Golf Center Des Plaines353 N. River Road • 847-803-GOLF

Lake Park Golf Course & Marina1015 Howard Avenue • 847-391-5730

Mountain View Adventure Center510 E. Algonquin Road • 847-391-5733

Mystic Waters2025 Miner Street • 847-391-5740

Prairie Lakes Aquatic Center515 E. Thacker Street • 847-390-4949

Prairie Lakes Community Center515 E. Thacker Street • 847-391-5711