Des Plaines Park District

Iroquois Pool


Opening Saturday June 4, 2022

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Outdoor pool and weather updates are posted on the DPParks mobile app.

IROQUOIS POOL  2324 Maple Street • 847-391-5724

Daily admission fee

Des Plaines residents: Adults $6.50 • Seniors and Youth $6.50
Non Residents: Adults $9.00 • Seniors and Youth $9.00
• Free admission for children 2 years old and younger
• Iroquois Pool entry is included in the Mystic Waters Pool Pass

Regular Season
June 4–August 14
Open Swim, Sunday–Saturday, Noon–9:00p

Post Season
August 15–August 21
Monday–Friday: 4:00–8:00p
Sunday–Saturday, Noon–7:00p

Dates and times are subject to change without notice based on attendance, weather and staffing.

Special Hours and Events
July 4, Noon–7:00p
Cardboard Boat Regatta: July 10, 10:00a–noon, Registration Required  

Map and directions to Iroquois Pool

This popular neighborhood pool is a great place to cool off on a hot summer day. The deep end has a diving board.
Map and directions to Iroquois Pool


Important Information About Weather Related Pool Openings and Closings

• Weather driven changes to the daily opening and closing times for all outdoor pools are always at the discretion of the pool manager.
• Check the DPParks app, under Conditions, to see the current open/closed status. Download the app here.
• To help determine changes to outdoor pool openings and closings when the weather is cool or inclement, park district and pool staff use local apps including, Weather Bug, and Weather Underground.
• For the safety of our guests and staff, we temporarily close an outdoor pool when the ThorGuard Lightening Detection System sounds a warning, or when thunder is heard, or when lightening is spotted. Weather conditions are then reevaluated every 45–60 minutes. We open again as soon as the pool manager determines that it is safe to do so. We do not issue rain checks.
• We typically close an outdoor pool early when there are fewer than 20 swimmers present at Chippewa or Iroquois for an hour, or fewer than 50 swimmers present at Mystic Waters for an hour. We also close when the temperature drops below 70 degrees and is projected to remain below 70 degrees for the rest of the day.
• If the temperature is near 70 degrees at opening time, an outdoor pool opens for one hour so the pool manager can determine attendance and assess the forecast.

What is the future of Iroquois Pool?

While it is more than 50 years old, and is well past the natural life of a pool built in that era, our outstanding mechanical wizards have kept it operating safely and economically. Will that always be possible? No. Outdoor pools don’t last forever, and maintaining them eventually becomes impractical. Upgrading, or demolishing and rebuilding a pool on this site is not possible for some simple reasons: there is not enough land to upgrade or build within the current safety and land management codes. We could not meet the mechanical, ADA, and storm water detention requirements. We’re researching options for building a pool to serve residents on the southeast side of Des Plaines. We welcome your input.

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