Des Plaines Park District

Behavior Management Policy A-24


DATE:                         June 28, 2017
TO:                              All Participants
FROM:                       Donald Miletic, Executive Director
DEPARTMENT:        Recreation
POLICY #                  A – 24

INTRODUCTION:  The following outlines guidelines for expected participant behavior in park district programs and facilities.  The following behavior code and procedures have been developed to help make programs safe and enjoyable for all participants.  Additional rules are in place for specific programs as deemed appropriate and necessary by staff.

The Des Plaines Park District insists that all participants comply with a basic behavior code.  The following Behavior Code of Conduct will be used as a guideline for Des Plaines Park District program and facility participants:

  1. Show respect to all participants, staff and volunteers.  Participants should follow program and facility rules and take direction from staff.
  2. Refrain from abusive or foul language.
  3. Refrain from threatening or causing bodily harm to self, other participants or staff.
  4. Show respect for equipment, supplies and facilities.
  5. Do not possess any weapons.
  6. Refrain from disparaging remarks to include comments against an individual’s race, ethnic background, religion, physical appearance or disabling condition.
  7. Will not display any aggressive behavior, (i.e. hitting, punching, slapping, kicking, and biting).

A positive approach will be used regarding discipline.  Staff will periodically review rules with participants. If inappropriate behavior occurs, a prompt resolution will be sought specific to each individual’s situation.  The Des Plaines Park District reserves the right to dismiss a participant or facility user whose behavior endangers his or her own safety or the safety of others.


  1. Any or all incidents of inappropriate behavior should be documented regardless of how minor or severe.  The dismissal of a patron from an activity/facility shall be authorized by the Superintendent of Recreation or his/her designee.
  2. Staff should follow the procedures below with the patron participating in a program depending on the severity of the situation:
  • A verbal warning
  • A supervised time-out from the program.
  • A written warning
  • A suspension from the program or facility for a period of 1-30 days, depending on the severity of the offense.  When determining the timeframe of suspension, staff should consider the severity of the actions; the length of the program or activity; any past behavior issues with the individual; and willingness to improve their inappropriate behavior.
  • Dismissal from the program or facility.  If inappropriate behavior persists or the behavior completely disrupts a program or facility, removal may be necessary.
  • Some other options may be discussed with the parent/guardian if warranted, including: Transfer to another program where inappropriate behavior may be less prone to occur or; limited/reduced timeframe that participant is allowed to attend the program.
  1. The following specific procedures are to be followed when there is a supervised time-out, written warning, suspension or dismissal from the program or facility:
  • Written warning: Fill out the Participant Conduct Report and give a copy to the Recreation Supervisor and Parent on that same day of the incident.  Keep a copy on file.
  • After consecutive written warnings or if the next step is suspension:  The staff member and Recreation Supervisor shall meet to discuss the incident report(s).  The incident will be evaluated to determine what behavior management techniques have been used to date.

The staff member and the program supervisor/manager will meet with the patron to discuss the incident report.  The supervisor will communicate (1) the situation, (2) what has taken place to date, and (3) that assistance is needed to improve, or he/she may be suspended from the activity/facility.  In the case of a child, indicate to them that his/her parents may be called.

a) If the situation warrants parent notification the Recreation Supervisor will telephone the parent/guardian and indicate: (1) the situation, (2) what has taken place to date, and (3) that the parent’s assistance is needed to improve the child’s behavior or he/she may be suspended from the activity/facility.

  1. If warranted, the Manager will request authorization from the Superintendent of Recreation to either (1) require the child’s parents agree, in writing, to have the Park District contact a social worker or the special recreation association to observe the child’s behavior and offer specialized staff or (2) temporarily suspend the patron from the activity for a period of 1 to 30 days, depending on the severity of the situation.  A patron or child’s parent should always be contacted by the supervisor prior to suspension, whether temporary or permanent.
  2. If the inappropriate behavior is repeated after the suspension, the Superintendent or Manager will correspond with the patron giving written notice that he/she may be dismissed from the activity/facility if the inappropriate behavior continues.


  • If a participant makes a direct threat of hurting himself, call the parent/guardian immediately. If a parent/guardian is not available, call the police.
  • If a participant becomes overly aggressive and violent, call the police.


There will be a ZERO Tolerance to any persons that use our facilities, athletic fields, or programs. All parents, coaches, volunteers at our sporting events are required to uphold the highest standard and should never raise their voices, use foul language, or display any aggressive behavior.   Any altercations physical or verbal brought to the Des Plaines Park District’s attention will result in the individual or party being immediately suspended from using our facilities and/or be on Park District grounds for a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 1 year, based on the situation.  The Executive Director will decide the length of such suspension.  This ZERO Tolerance Policy will need to be incorporated into any group’s bylaws in order for them to receive a permit to use our facility or athletic fields.