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Fall Spectrum


Copies will be available at Park District facilities starting August 5,

as well as the Des Plaines Public Library, History Center, and Frisbie Center.

Resident registration opens August 18.


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The four most asked questions about our Going Green project:

Is the Park District still going to PRINT the Spectrum Program and Events Guide?

YES! We are still printing about 9,000 copies each season. This represents a savings of many thousands of dollars.



Is the Park District still going to MAIL the Spectrum Program and Events Guide?

No. This is helping us save many more thousands of dollars.


How will I get a copy of the Spectrum Program and Events Guide?

Copies are at all Park District facilities, the Des Plaines Public Library, City Hall, the History Center, and Frisbie Senior Center. 

If you want a copy, you'll have no problem finding one in plenty of time to read it, plan your classes, and register.


How will I know when the Spectrum Program and Events Guide is available each season?

1) Our website, our Facebook page, and our Twitter feeds announce the publication dates well in advance.

2) Information is posted in our facilities, the Library, City Hall, History Center, and Frisbie Senior Center.

3) All Park District Staff, including our instructors and coaches, have a schedule of publication dates.

4) Park District e-newsletters are sent via e-mail.

5) Information is on our electronic sign at the entrance to Prairie Lakes.

6) Information is on the City's electronic sign, on Miner Street at River Road.

7) Information is on the City's cable TV channels #17 and #24.

8) Notices are placed in local newspapers, both in print and online.

9) Signs are placed at our major parks and facilities. If you're driving around Des Plaines, you'll see them.

10) Skywriting. (Depending on the weather.)

. . .


Here's the full story of why we're making this change.

Going Green.

In the spring of 2013, we announced a simple change in the way we would distribute our seasonal program and events guide.

That change began with winter 2014 issue, (published in November 2013). Two forces guided this decision: the economy, and our commitment to being as environmentally friendly as possible.


Will you still be able to get a printed Spectrum?

YES! We know how important the Spectrum is to families and individuals in Des Plaines. It is still the best way for us to provide you with information about our many programs and events. It's a quick, easy way for you to find your favorite exercise class, learn about a new sports program for your child, and check when the pools will open. We know that you carry it with you to work and to the doctor's office, and that you sit with your family and look through the pages for things to do together. So do we! We love the Spectrum. What we don't love is that thousands of the brochures were simply thrown away each season because we mailed them to people who didn't want one.


What are we doing?

1. We reduced the number of Spectrum that we print each season from over 27,000 to about 9,000. This first step saves thousands of dollars.

2. We stopped mailing a brochure to every household address in Des Plaines. This second step saves many more thousands of dollars.

3. We are putting more Spectrum brochures into our facilities, to make it easier for you to get one. More brochures will be available at the Des Plaines Public Library, City Hall, the History Center, and Frisbie Senior Center. If you want a printed copy of the Spectrum, you should not have any problem getting one.

4. We are using today's technology to communicate with you, so you will know when the Spectrum is available: our website, Facebook page, Twitter feeds, and e-newsletters send the information directly to your computer and smartphone. 


Will the Spectrum still be available online?

YES! We have many residents who prefer to read the Spectrum on a screen. The online version of the brochure will continue to be more interactive each season, to make it easier for you to find what you want and register right from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Will the Spectrum only be available online in the future?

NO! We have no plans to discontinue production of the printed program guide. Technology is wonderful, but it's not right for everyone.

Do we need your help?

YES! Our recent surveys have provided us with a very positive response to this Going Green project, and we welcome your input. 

E-mail us at Going Green. Talk to our staff. We also need you to spread the word about this initiative. Let your friends and neighbors know that the Spectrum will still be printed, and that copies of the Spectrum will be available every season in our facilities for everyone who wants one. Use the online registration system. It's quick, easy, and you get instant confirmation of your registration. To read more about it, Click Here.

The complete program guide, sections, and individual pages are available online 24/7. Click Here.

Copies of the Spectrum are available at all Park District facilities, as well as the Des Plaines Public Library, City Hall,

the History Center, and Frisbie Senior Center.

Questions about the Spectrum? Call us: 847-391-5700, or Click Here and send us an e-mail.

See you around the parks!